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Considered the "Apple Computer" of the cycling industry this brand was forced to re-examine itself in 2014. Increased competition in the crowded bicycling accessory market pushed us to overhaul their image, message and company narrative. Providing both creative and marketing direction, the focus now shifted to their in-house design and manufacturing capabilities, their high end design and product offerings and "premium" brand status. By 2015 we were able to increase on-line traffic by 217%, increase on-line sales by 25%, increase product reviews by 194% and take their on-line social presence to new heights. With a brand like this, it's awful easy to succeed.


Drawing on luxury personal accessories and high end automotive ads, this 2014 ad campaign allowed us to continue to position Lezyne as the "it" brand. Additionally, we were able to educate their customer on their in-house manufacturing and design capabilities.


In staying consistent with their brand and product design, the website carries a clean esthetic and ease of navigation as well. Like all of Lezyne products, form and function must go hand in hand.


Finely crafted, almost jewelry like products are the best ways to describe Lezyne. The catalog follows year 8's narrative opening up with how they create such amazing bicycling products. 128 pages of sexy.


A big factor into the organic and engagement growth they saw across their web and social platforms was the push from videos in 2014. Telling their story with such beautiful products and in exotic locations around the world surely helped their "hit" count.

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