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5 states and 94 stores, Brake Masters is a monster in the South West. The key to their success? It's right there in their tag line- An Honest Brake since 1983. Treating your customer consistently over the years keeps them coming back and referring their friends to you. The same can be said about branding. Keep saying it, showing it, doing it and pretty soon it becomes truth. Can we get an AMEN?


A recent refresh of the logo. Trying to show motion (with the logo angle) while subliminally saying stop. This dynamic raises an emotion in the viewer and breathes a subtle new life into a well know brand's icon. 


You've seen them. How many times do you read them? Or even used them? Rising above the noise in the automotive industry is quite the challenge. Trying to humanize the experience for a customer is the direction we chose for print and outdoor. Why keep screaming $19.95? No one is listening.


Focusing again on the "human" element, these outdoor boards shift focus to how an automobile interacts with the people and environment around them.


A new twist on a "we miss you" return customer campaign. Getting old customers to revisit is always challenging. Some forgot about you, some had a bad experience. This approach is aimed at reminding our customers that it is actually beneficial to their vehicle to practice preventative maintenance. And we do miss them ;)

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